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Bart Feenstra

Profile based on client reviews

Bart is a result-driven, enthusiastic and authentic leader and change manager, eager to learn and able to coordinate and improvise. Bart’s also able to facilitate the development of leaders and employees on a sustainable and measurable way.

Versatile, dynamic and focused senior professional with international experience in delivering complex project and IT management solutions for a variety of public, private and educational institutions. Alongside this role, demonstrates a real passion for project management and leadership training together with motivational coaching and mentoring to employees and students from a range of nationalities and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Gifted, enthusiastic, open and transparent communicator who promotes collaborative approaches to transform both individuals and businesses while demonstrating an ability to convert complex problems into workable solutions.

Invests a positive energy into any task to ‘get the job done’ and possesses the credibility to gain the immediate trust of all who he works with. Now seeking an exciting and challenging role in which to utilise excellent transferable skills in order to facilitate leadership and growth.